Tour d'Edelle | West Palm Beach


Having a weekend off from weddings can be fun when I get the chance to tour around my own city and find its hidden gems.  I moved here last August and quickly fell in love with the bright green palms in every corner, the cute local shops and breweries in the downtown area, and of course, the beaches. I am so blessed that I live just 20 minutes away from it.

I started this blog to make myself not work every weekend and travel more, even if that meant tour my own city. I woke up with a full list of home to-dos and photos to edit and didn't even think I would have the chance to have some "me" time. After a quick run to Trader Joes, I was driving back home but felt the beach calling my name. After all, the day was warm, the food can be kept cool, and my camera was in bag...I just couldn't go home then. I quickly made a rapid, Furious 7 u-turn on the next light and headed East to the calming sounds of the South Floridian beach waves. 

Once there, I literally felt all my stress melt away. The sun was in my face, temperature at a nice 87 degrees, and free parking; the day couldn't be any more perfect. 

Getting to know West Palm Beach may never get old - here's the city through my lens.