why film?

I began photography with my 35mm DSLR. After falling in love with photography, I quickly went to my medium format DSLR (a fancy Nikon D750). The more photos I took, the more I felt there was something missing in my style - I just didn't know what. All changed when I saw a full image gallery, all shot in film,  from a photographer I love. It is then when I decided that I wanted to be a full-time film photography kind of girl.  

So, why film? The colors, the skin texture, the warm undertones film provides...everything just comes together exactly how I want my images to be. My artistic voice is perfectly evoked through film photography. I have always been a sucker for natural light, and I feel that film best uses natural light. 

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editorial-work process

Editorial photography has been a passion of mine for last few years. I love working alongside other business owners and together voice their business' values and products through imagery. I want to help them reach their right audience. 

All editorial packages have a base pay + cost of travel (if needed), props/materials, and models. 


What would you hire me for editorial work? 

New products/services
Headshots for webpage use, ect.
Update webpage, brochures, social media, ect. 


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What does portraits include? 

Self-Portraits, Headshots